Comic infiltration at its best! This waiter will befuddle, astonish and ultimately delight your guests as he bumbles, slips, trips and gaffs his way through your banquet hall or cocktail hour. Always amusing, inspired antics; never hazardous or unsafe.


Choose classic French-style pantomime, or change it up with a contemporary look or customize to fit your events theme. Always inventive and playful, interactions with guests are never aggressive or snooty.


Create Hollywood “buzz” at your events Red Carpet entrance or curbside limo arrival area. A fantastic new option for Sweet Sixteen’s, Galas, Mitzvahs or any glamorous occasion. All pictures sent to client on a custom CD as a hysterical keepsake.


Over the years David has been asked to create the strangest walkaround characters for special events: The Long Lost Cousin, Cirque-style Gnome, NJ Shore Uncle Vinnie, Rock Stars and Punk Rockers; a Cat Burglar, Pied Piper, The English Colonel and Talking Banquet Table Heads to name a few. Dream it up and David can produce it for you.